About the Artist

Dawn Steeves (aka Dawn Ravenwind) is a fantasy artist who specializes in unique scalemail costume design. She started as an amateur fantasy artist as a teenager, but moved on into the realms of scale costume design beginning in 2013. DragonHeART was officially born as a business in 2015, in the same year as her son Ragnar. It may have had humble beginnings in small markets, but since then she has toured annually with her booth across western Canada to multiple music festivals and comic shows all summer long. Her designs have caught the eyes of many worldwide, with some pieces having sold and shipped to every continent (except Antarctica). Her art has been used for costumed performances in film, LARP, circus, fire, burlesque, show girl and theater, as well as dance floors, homes and flow jams all over! 

When not working away in her workshop on creative endeavours, Dawn enjoys the outdoor life in the Kootenays of BC with little Ragnar (who also loves dragons and swordplay). She spins fire staff and poi, garden, paint, hike, swim, forage and can home made goodies in her spare time. She also uses her Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons. 2012) to tutor high school students and do the math needed to organize all those technical products! She has also helped out multiple festivals as a volunteer artist and/or laborer and has experience in organizing artists and workshops for festivals.