Frequently Asked Questions

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Aluminum, stainless steel and titanium are all safe to wash in hot soapy water. Immerse then swish, I also recommend use of a toothbrush for particularly soiled items.

If your item contains leather, please only surface wash.

Brass can be washed in water but it is recommended to use polish.
Copper can stain green if wet, so a jewelry polish is also recommended.

Washing brass or copper items in lemon water is also effective and cost-efficient.  

Anodized aluminum, my most common material, has a high quality, non-toxic coating on it that is FDA approved for use in cook ware and will not stain or irritate skin.

Bright aluminum, however, does not have the same coating and can cause some dark staining on skin, though this will wash off in soap and water and is non-toxic. This material is therefore only used in costume pieces, not jewelry, and can always be swapped out for any other metal that you prefer.

Most other metals are non-allergenic, such as titanium, stainless steel, brass and copper.

My earhooks are either stainless steel or silver-plated, and earrings can be made either way according to your preference.  

Charge in full sun if you can, for most of the day is ideal, but I find that even an hour of indirect light is enough to charge these glow scales significantly. Without the sun, a flashlight will function fine, try for 20+ minutes.

The scales glow is very strong and hold their charge better than any glow-in-the-dark material I have found!

For a brighter, but short lived glow, try also charging in a blacklight (UV light) or lasers! 

LED Tails

These come with a water-resistant strip of LEDs that run off of a 9V battery in a case attached to the outside. I recommend using rechargable 9V batteries that are available online easily! Battery life will vary depending on the type of battery you use, but one good charge of a 9V battery should last you a weekend of fun (pending you remember to turn it off during the day).

They can be submerged to be washed gently, but be sure to take the battery out first and to dry thoroughly before replacing the battery. 


  • I accept returns if you contact me within 14 days of delivery, this does not cover the cost of return shipping. 
  • Custom orders, sale items and deposits are non-refundable.
  • Returns need to be shipped within 21 days of delivery.
  • Cancellations must be requested within 2 days of purchase. 
  • Tutorials are under no circumstances refunded. 

About DragonheART

I will certainly consider it. Please contact me via email or on the contact page.  

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Registration, quarterly tax submissions and all of the legalities behind navigating a small business with VAT laws has become very difficult and I have not opted into the tax system for your countries. However, you can purchase any of my wares, including books, digital items, and custom costume wares through Etsy! Etsy collects and submits taxes for me, making it easier for everyone.  

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